Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 4: Good Morning, this is Floris, how may I direct your call?

So, I had been looking forward to Saturday because we were going to meet up with Megan my friend from Middle School who lives outside of London. Our plan was to go to the British Museum and we met at a book shop just down the street. 
We decided first to get breakfast. Megan's husband Sam had seen a Dutch Pancake house (called My Old Dutch Pancake House oddly enough) and it looked promising. The pancakes were thin and eggy and took up a huge plate. I had apple and bacon (which was actually ham). The key to the whole meal was that we ordered dutch fruit beers - for breakfast! I was excited enough about beer for breakfast but I had a beer called Floris Ninkeberry. Doesn't that sound like the name of a receptionist? They should definitely get a new Dutch receptionist on Mad Men named Floris Ninkeberry. 

Megan and me in front of the BA. It's an awful picture of me but sadly we didn't take more.

This is some very expensive, feat of engineering, took 10 years to build ceiling that they put over the courtyard at the Museum. Chris was fascinated, I was ...... Oh, look kitties!

Kitty mummys actually.

After we had seen all the treasures pilfered from Egypt and Greece (Egypt is over it, Greece not so much), we walked around Covent Garden and then settled in for a cuppa and some chitchat. 
Unfortunately, Megan and Same had to leave all to soon and Chris and I were back to walking aimlessly around town. We considered seeing a show, but all the ones we wanted to see were across town and about to start. We walked to a restaurant recommended by the guide book but the menu turned us off so we continued to wonder around and finally had dinner in a nice pub called The Wellington (maybe just Wellington but something like that) near the Theater District. We had a lovely meal and caught a big red double decker bus back to our hotel adding another one of the important public transportations to our list. 

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