Friday, July 16, 2010

Geography for the masses

So our office radio, which is totally in another room but I have mad hearing skills, is on a country station. I personally do not like country music so this is my exposure. Like my favorite 80s-90s-and today station it plays the same 3 songs over and over. One of these songs has a refrain in Spanish. I am pretty sure the song is about going to Mexico. I have been to Mexico and I think it is the kind of thing that a person would want to sing about. Anyway, in this song the dude loves Mexico so much that he even learned enough Spanish to sing the one line in the refrain. Also, in the refrain he says that they will drink some Jager(meister). Now again, I have been to Mexico and let me assure you that you can drink whatever the hell you want and lots of it. But if I loved Mexico so much I was going to write a song about it, I think I would at least promote one of Mexico's main exports such as tequila or Kahlua. I'm just sayin'.