Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Retail therapy this is not

So my great love of all things shopping does not apply to houses and/or mortgages.

Every time we come back from meeting our agent someone asks if we found a house. We have only looked at two! Plus when we do find a house there is a process. We will not come home and say, "We are back. We bought a house, can you help Chris get it out of the trunk."

I would not be so cranky if I wasn't sick. I just want someone to come in and say, "Here is your house. It is exactly what you wanted. Just sign this mortgage application and you are good to go."

Friday, January 8, 2010

My bra is good for a lot of things

So yesterday some really bored 15 year old girl wanted a way to tell the cute boys in her class that she had just gotten her first sexy bra. I bet it was light pink and black lace trimmed. Anyway, she posted it on her face booked status like so

Slutty McSlutterton light pink and black lace trimmed

How does one get away with this? By sending an e-mail telling all your girlfriends to also post the color of their bra as their status and to not tell any guys what it is about (so coy, the little ones). Why would the friends agree to do this? Because it is for breast cancer awareness of course! My friend Slutty, she is the smart one too.

What annoyed me about this whole thing is that it caught on like a California wild fire. Why do my grown and knowledgeable about how the world works friends think posting a color would do anything to help the fight against breast cancer? It doesn't. Maybe there are people out there wearing bras who don't realize that they have breasts and are thus affected by breast cancer but I seriously doubt that.

What would really help the fight against breast cancer? If everyone of those women made themselves an annual gyno/mammogram appointment and got a friend to make one too.
Or if every woman who shared her bra color with the world donated the cost of that bra to
or a number of worthwhile charities. Last year my friends raised over $2500 for breast cancer charities so you and your red bra can go suck it.

So help me spread the word and the next time one of your friends asks you to repost something to save a puppy ask them how that works, and offer this suggestion - go to the pound and save a fucking puppy!

Update: This was so riveting that Washington Post weighed in

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

Let's be honest about New Years' Resolutions

If you couldn't quit smoking in 2009 then you aren't going to quit smoking in 2010.
I am not going to work out more. Maybe a tiny bit more, but not because it is a resolution but because as I get into better shape it becomes easier and it makes me feel good.

I am going to start blogging more (you've heard that before haven't you) and I think I will. Not because it is a new year but because we have moved and now I am here in my office where I am the IT department and I can do whatever I want.