Monday, January 4, 2010

Let's be honest about New Years' Resolutions

If you couldn't quit smoking in 2009 then you aren't going to quit smoking in 2010.
I am not going to work out more. Maybe a tiny bit more, but not because it is a resolution but because as I get into better shape it becomes easier and it makes me feel good.

I am going to start blogging more (you've heard that before haven't you) and I think I will. Not because it is a new year but because we have moved and now I am here in my office where I am the IT department and I can do whatever I want.


Rebecca said...

If I can ever talk my parents into delivering their treadmill to my house (they NEVER use it), I know that I will start walking a mile or so per day on that thing. Which will be a great thing for my spreading butt.......

Anonymous said...

I guess when you say "more" you didn't exactly mean daily or frequently =) Just more than once a month?

Jen said...

Kristine, I will e-mail you a diary of my daily activities.

2:21 pm blew my nose
2:22 pm asked office manager to locate cell phone bill