About Me

Hello, interwebs!

My name is Jen. I have been told a couple times that I am funny. It is a bitchy sort of funny. I am capitalizing on that in this blog. I am not a very good blogger yet and every few months I will fall off the wagon then return with a serious post about how this time, I promise I will post weekly. It is the opposite of a blogging addiction, an anti-blogging addiction. 

In 2009, I moved back to hometown after being gone for 11 years. This place hasn't changed one bit, luckily I have. 

I teach bellydance, am a part of my family's small business and I really like wine. I also like coffee, and cooking, and baking, and being green. Not like Kermit is green, but like Al Gore is green. It is true though, it is not easy being green. 

If that isn't enough to get to know me then read 100 mostly lame things about me.

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