Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Turkey with Dressing: It's Comfortable

Yes Virginia, there is a luggage fairy.
So happy!

Last night was the first night that we both slept soundly. From about midnight to six, neither of us felt like we even rolled over.

After our usual breakfast- oh, I for got tell you about our usual breakfast. Let me divulge.
The hotel has a lovely breakfast buffet. There is cold cereal, pastries, fruit and also a hot portion. The odd things are: Everything on the cold side is sort of jumbled so that it goes fruit, vegetables, yogurt, salad, more fruit, cheese, meat then olives, cookies, tahini and a dark thick sauce that smells like balsamic, cereal and big bowls of jam with ladles. It's not that the food is odd so much that order makes you confused about what goes with what. The hot bar includes the soup of the day (tomato, broccoli and red lentil so far), eggs and hotdogs. Yes, the same hotdogs that graced our first evening sampler platter. Yesterday morning, Laura broke open one of her bread rolls to find a "surprise" hot dog.

Soup of the day, fruit, fired balls of mystery, sausage and simit (bagel)

After breakfast we took the hospital shuttle and had the driver drop us a few blocks early at Bostanci pier. We hopped a ferry to the Princes' Islands. (when I add pictures, I'll add links for more info). We walked down the shore and up the street and decided to take a carriage tour. No private vehicles are allowed on the island. The driver asked if we wanted the 45 min or 1 hr tour. We said one hour thinking that we would see more, but it turns out the carriage just goes slower. Also, like the shopping cart I never fail to get, the carriage was squeaky. Laura sat behind a horse with a different kind of the trots so we decided to name then Trooper and Pooper.
Buyukada, the largest of the Princes' Islands from the docks

The "beach" is not what we expected. It's really a ladder into the ocean. Also, this man has on water wings.

In our carriage. We got the squeaky one, just like my shopping carts.

That's Trooper on the left, Pooper on the right

I thought this house was so pretty. I love the evil eye set into it.

After our carriage ride, we did a little shopping. The prices on the island have to be fixed so no haggling. We thought the prices for the stuff that was wanted were fair so we bought a couple of things.

We took the ferry back and meandered to the shuttle stop picking up some Thai food that's currently in our fridge.

We came back to find our luggage waiting for us. Four days since we landed!

It's only 7 pm here but we are in our pjs. Clean pjs that weren't dried on the balcony.

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