Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Squatty Potty

So I had been talking about 10 minutes about the benefits of squatting when Chris finally turns to me and says, "What the hell kind of blogs have you been reading?" Chris doesn't mind most of my hippy dippy wellness ideas but he draws the line at having his bathroom routine disturbed.
I am big fan of Katy's blog over at Aligned and Well. She is helping me lengthen my leg muscles (so is my massage therapist). Katy says that I (and most everybody else) need to do two things that most of us don't do enough of,  walk and squat. There is a lot more to it than that so go read her blog.
Well, I am intrigued by all this and have already got Chris and I on a routine of much more walking (it takes 15 minutes to do our neighborhood including cul-de-sacs) and I wanted to work on squatting. Now squatting is lacking from our routines because people used to "have a squat" all the time. Hint, hint. But now we sit, which is unnatural. So while I was practicing squatting in my living room, I was still sitting in the place that I should be squatting - my bathroom. Then, three times this week I was confronted with the concept of the Squatty Potty. It's a foot stool, that gets your feet up so that you are essentially getting into a squat position while you are on the toilet.
When I told Chris I wanted one, it prompted his comment about my blog choices. I did point out how it tucks under the bowl so he won't be forced to use it, and I think he felt better about things.
Here is the Alignment Monkey's review and giveaway of a Squatty Potty. I entered, but if I lose I will be ordering one anyway.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lent and Giving

So, I don't do lent. But then I sort of do. It's complicated.

I don't actually do lent because well, I am not religious. But I find the concept of lent and the pre-determined time period beneficial for things I want to do so I use it to my advantage.

For the past 4 years, on Ash Wednesday I have emptied my bank account. I don't mean going on a bender at Pier 1; I mean that I transfer the complete balance to my saving account. Then throughout the period of lent, I don't spend anymore than I have too. Four years of this and I have it pretty much down.

  • I still buy people birthday presents
  • I uphold prior social commitments
  • I don't turn down new ones but I rain in the spending on them (one drink at happy hour, no popcorn at the movies, etc) - I would turn down above average dates like a concert or something with expensive tickets
  • I pay all my bills
  • I buy all the same groceries that I would before even treats like ice cream
  • I still participate in dance workshops - though no buying from vendors once I get there
  • I still let my regular automatic deductions into savings and retirement take place
Lent is also a good time to do this because most people won't give you any grief when you say, "sorry I am not spending any money during lent." 
When Easter rolls around I look at what cushion has built up in my checking account and I donate it to charity. More specifically, I donate it to Donors Choose which helps teachers get supplies they needs for their classrooms. I have really enjoyed working with Donors Choose and in the past my donations have purchased books, molecule model kits, recycling containers and tennis rackets. A few weeks after the project is funded the class sends thank you letters which always makes me cry.

Now, my point in sharing this is not for you to think I am just awesome. I assume that you thought that already. I just really like doing this and think it is a good idea and want to pass is around.

Don't think you can save enough to make a difference? Most charitable organizations will tell you they are happy to get any donation no matter how small. At Donors Choose, you can sort projects by how much money they still need to complete their funding. As I write this, there is a library project that only needs $27 to be funded.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Your Best Girl

On the dry erase board on the back of our door, the one where we intend to leave ourselves important notes, it says, "Boogas is your best girl." No doubt.

Boogas (Snoopy) went into the kitty hospital last Friday. She is almost 17 years old and was experience kidney failure. We didn't know it until it was very late and she was already very dehydrated. She has been there since Friday and receiving IV fluids. The vet did not seem optimistic at first, but is now surprised about how well she is doing. The thing is that we can't get back any of those 17 years or any kidney function that she has lost. They were doing more tests today so we can know how much kidney function she has left. I am just happiest that she isn't in any pain and she gets to come home and be with us. 
She came home on Monday and every day I have to give her an injection in the morning and Chris gives her a sub-cutaneous fluid treatment in the evening. The IV needle is huge and you have to stick hard. I hesitate which I know only makes it worse which is why he has to do it.
We go back to vet tomorrow for follow-up blood work and to see if she is improving.
Until last Friday when we got the diagnosis from the vet, I had never seen my husband cry. While Snoopy has been my faithful companion and best friend for over half of my life, Chris has known her for more than half of hers. "I never knew I could love a kitty so much," he said. Indeed.