Thursday, February 23, 2012

Your Best Girl

On the dry erase board on the back of our door, the one where we intend to leave ourselves important notes, it says, "Boogas is your best girl." No doubt.

Boogas (Snoopy) went into the kitty hospital last Friday. She is almost 17 years old and was experience kidney failure. We didn't know it until it was very late and she was already very dehydrated. She has been there since Friday and receiving IV fluids. The vet did not seem optimistic at first, but is now surprised about how well she is doing. The thing is that we can't get back any of those 17 years or any kidney function that she has lost. They were doing more tests today so we can know how much kidney function she has left. I am just happiest that she isn't in any pain and she gets to come home and be with us. 
She came home on Monday and every day I have to give her an injection in the morning and Chris gives her a sub-cutaneous fluid treatment in the evening. The IV needle is huge and you have to stick hard. I hesitate which I know only makes it worse which is why he has to do it.
We go back to vet tomorrow for follow-up blood work and to see if she is improving.
Until last Friday when we got the diagnosis from the vet, I had never seen my husband cry. While Snoopy has been my faithful companion and best friend for over half of my life, Chris has known her for more than half of hers. "I never knew I could love a kitty so much," he said. Indeed.

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'Azraa said...

No new bloodwork on 02/24/12 but she has put a little weight back on. As she feels better she is becoming more intolerant of the sub-cue fluid treatments. We are happy she feels well enough to fight us, but sad that we feel like we are hurting her. She still isn't eating very much but no vomiting! After 2 more weeks of fluids and special diet we go back for new labs.