Thursday, July 14, 2011

Real Food

So if you know me personally then you know I have struggled with my weight. Or maybe that is not the right word. used to be quite fit. It makes me sad now to think about how I thought I was fat in high school when I was actually fit and smoking hot. In college, I gained a freshman 100. Even though I had been fit, I had horrible eating habits. I was one of those lucky people who could eat junk and not gain weight. Well, a combination of not changing my habits as my body changed and an illness that put me on steroids for an extended time period (I can eat my body weight when I am on steroids) caused me to gain a lot of weight.
This lead to 20 years of yo-yo dieting. In retrospect, there is no way all that yo-yoing didn't damage my body. I have given up on quick fixes and starvation. It only makes me bitchy and more hungry. Each yo-yo bounces higher than the last. I want to eat yummy, healthy food and be healthy.

I have recently begun reading the blog Kath Eats Real Food and I am loving it. Now Kath and I are different in our tastes. It seems like she likes cold food and I like hot food. I also love sauces. My friend Amanda does not like sauces which is awesome because I always get to have her sauce and my sauce. I don't see Kath eating a lot of dripping food. But what she does eat looks great to me and I have started incorporating a lot of her concepts into my diet.

The other night after dance, I had blueberries, two golden kiwis, some greek yogurt, a little honey and some ground flax. It was fabulous! The ground flax I bought tastes like graham crackers.
Last night, while Chris had a reheated burger I had mixed salad greens with some dubliner cheese and a drizzle of honey. I cut my corn on the cob off of the cob and ate it as a part of my salad. We also quick sauteed some green beans. It was a fabulous meal and I think it was all real food!