Monday, July 16, 2012

Too Much Turkey: Sweatpants

So today was a very lazy day but I think we are better for. We barely made the breakfast cut-off and spent most of the day reading, napping, lounging, etc. It got late enough that we decided to hang around the free wifi and Skype our husbands when they got up for work.

We got the fluent English speaking guest relations lady to call about our luggage again today. She strikes me as the kind of person who gets things done. She found out that they gave it to the delivery service today at 1:00. She said that while it could be delivered today, we should be prepared that we won't get it until tomorrow. This told us that it was time to find a mall. At Chris's suggestion, I googled malls and found Gebze Center.

The clothes here are borderline ugly to just plain ugly. There is also a surprising number of synthetic items for a country so hot. I got two soft t-shirts and had little luck finding pants in my size. We were looking for low prices rather than fashion since we would rather spend our money on something else. We found a store that while looking rather "young" had some deals for us. Laura got a cute dress and top. I bought a pair of jersey sweatpants (not too heavy)and a matching t-shirt.
We had dinner in the food court. A mixed kebab plate and some kind of seasoned bread that I am going to look into.

The mall we went to

Home Depot!

Today gave us a chance to recharge and tomorrow we face another hot day in Istanbul.

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