Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Retail therapy this is not

So my great love of all things shopping does not apply to houses and/or mortgages.

Every time we come back from meeting our agent someone asks if we found a house. We have only looked at two! Plus when we do find a house there is a process. We will not come home and say, "We are back. We bought a house, can you help Chris get it out of the trunk."

I would not be so cranky if I wasn't sick. I just want someone to come in and say, "Here is your house. It is exactly what you wanted. Just sign this mortgage application and you are good to go."

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Rebecca said...

We recently bought a house. (We had to sell our house first and then once it sold after a year on the market, we started house hunting)

Anyway, we had a process. I would go look at houses on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday....and then on Saturday morning my husband would look at the ones that I liked best. Each day, I'd look at about 10 houses.

We actually made 3 offers, one was turned down pretty quickly, another we negotiated a little, but gave up because they weren't coming down as much as we needed, and the third we negotiated for a solid week.

Then it was the inspections of our house and the house we were buying. Fixing stuff that the buyer wanted on the house we were selling, fixing stuff the inspector found, and then negotiating the price of the house we were buying down a bit more along with a few repairs.

The whole ordeal took about 2 months. It was crazy!!

Good Luck! ((Hugs))
I know what you're going through. It's rough Hang in there!