Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 3: Tower and Tower like things

Day 3 started another early day. At the top of my list of must see things in the Tower of London. On the walk over the went my Monument because we could. it is a big monument. 
As I have said previously, we watch The Tudors so that makes The Tower of London even more exciting because some episodes take place there. Some fun facts - the Beefeaters and staff actually live there, they have a church, a doctor and a pub which is all you need to survive. The doors are still locked at midnight and no one goes in our out. 
This is me with our tour guide. The house like area behind him is where some of them live and the area where most imprisoned VIPs (such as Anne Boleyn) were kept. The guide lives in Sir Isaac Newton's old house!

The tower is really a massive fortress. It was home to the royal mint and is currently home to the Crown Jewels. You can see them but no pictures. We actually learned that they aren't insured but there has only ever been 1 attempt to steal them.

Tower Bridge was my favorite thing just to look at. We actually didn't go up in it and that is my one regret for this trip.

After out trip to The Tower we schlepped over to Spittafields Market for a coffee and then departed from Hope and Matthew so we could make our appointed time at The London Eye. This was one of the few things Chris hadn't done when he lived in London so we were both excited. It is essentially a giant ferris wheel with a pod that holds about 12 people. You only go around once, but one revolution takes 30 minutes. Sometimes it felt like we weren't even moving. The views are incredible and it is well worth it.

A view from the London Eye

After the eye, we hoped on a Thames Clipper. My travel guide said that we should do every form of public transportation so we had been planning on taking one of the boats and the Waterloo Millennium Pier is at the London Eye.
We departed at The London Bridge Pier and walked down the Thames path for our final destination of the evening Shakespeare's Globe Theater. On our way we stopped off and had dinner in a pub near The Clink.

Our first proper English meal. Fish and chips and a pint.

At The Globe which was really awesome. We saw Anne Boleyn which while not Shakespeare it was a subject we know about. I couldn't believe that all those people in the middle stood through the whole play. Also the top of the theater is open and they got rained on a little bit.

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