Friday, June 10, 2011

Submit your problem

So if you have a problem or a question that you want answered, submit it in the comments on this post. I will make a video log featuring the answers during this weeks wine and pizza Friday and post it here.

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Laura said...

I have LOTS of questions, but I'll save them for subsequent weeks as not to inundate you. ;) This one is just the most applicable to my specific situation right now. Being unemployed is retarded.

Everyone always says you're supposed to call or show up in person after sending in a resume or filling out a job application. What are your thoughts on this as an HR professional? I would think it's annoying, but everyone seems to disagree with me. Also, what are the most annoying things a job seeker can do when applying for a job that might ruin their chances?

If you don't want to answer a job related question, how about this one?

What is the best way to increase your self-confidence? I've been feeling increasingly unsure of myself since relocating to Nashville. You're awesome and incredible and one of the most confident people I know. Help me Obi-wan Kenobi. You're my only hope!

Oh, and P.S. I miss you Jen! <3 <3 <3