Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bad Kitties

About a week ago we had a stray cat with 4 kittens come into our yard. I could tell the momma cat was feral; she was very thin. I gave them some of my cats food. I thought the kittens looked too small for food but they ate and the momma even let them all eat first. They have been coming back everyday and we have been feeding them. They are all scared of us and the momma hisses at us constantly.

The goal was to get them friendly so we could find homes for them. Well, this morning I gave them kibble and milk and they were all eating. I decided to pick up the friendliest of the bunch, the dark grey one. I held it a minute and it let me pet it. When I put it down, I grabbed for one of the black ones who are usually the quickest to run away. It protested and I had to really hold it in my lap to get it to calm down so I could pet it a minute. I decided that I really needed to go in a take a shower but as I got up from the swing, I noticed the grey striped one had its back to me and was really close. I picked it up and it yowled and bit my finger. I put it right down and the momma came after me hissing and carrying on. That little booger drew blood and made a puncture mark in my hard as a rock shellac nail polish.
Knowing that the momma cat is that wild I don't think I can hope to tame her. I also don't think we can get the kittens tame enough to find them homes. I am going to borrow a cage from my uncle and try to trick the kittens inside with food. If we take them to the Humane Society where they can be handled regularly then they can be tamed. I would have liked to at least catch the momma to get her fixed but I think that she is just too feral.

 Being bitten by a wild kitten and chased by a hissing momma cat makes you thankful for the sweet animals in your life. This is Rocky, our official office mouse trap. In the morning her chases his toys around the office and in the afternoon he sleeps on my desk. He likes to try and drink our coffee and inspect all the drawers when we open them to file. He smells; I think it is because he is a boy.

 This is Snoopy aka Boogas. She is 16 years old and my best friend. She is the queen of our household and does not let Chris or I forget it. If you displease her, you may get your shoes peed on. She is super lovable on her own terms and knows how to cheer Chris and I up and make us feel better.

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Najla said...

Don't give up on the kittens just yet. The fact that you can get close and even pick them up is a good thing. Sorry about the bite, but they are just scared. I have two cats that were, at one time, feral. I took them in when they were so much older (6 months and 9 months), and they are incredibly affectionate. The more human contact they can have at this age, the easier it will be to socialize them. Whatever you do, it's nice to know that at least the kitties will get some food and care!