Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cat Sanctuary 2012

The players:
Momma Cat
Her Kittens (3)
Smooshy Face
Big Tom
Other family (a momma with 3-4 kittens)
Mean Cat

Scene: Our house, exterior, back yard

So if you actually read my blog you will know that least year we had a cat, Mean Cat, bring her four kittens into our back yard. We captured 3 of the 4 kitten and took them to my uncles farm. We still see Mean Cat around the neighborhood but she avoids us and that's okay. That cat is mean.
This year, we come home to find Momma Cat and her 3 kittens in our back yard. Just like last year, I proceed to feed her and try to make friends so we can catch them. Unlike Mean Cat, Momma Cat is actually nice. She wants pats but at the same time hisses a lot because she is not sure that she trusts you. We had the cage out and everything but since the kittens weren't weaned, they were not interested in the food. Chris and I had to go out of town for over a week and I asked my mom to stop by and feed them. I guess Momma is suspicious of everyone but me and she moved the kittens.
We came home to just Momma cat. I decided to give it a few more weeks and then at least catch her, even if we have her spayed and released.
The next day Momma Cat is back with another adult cat that I call Smooshy Face. She has a very flat face, like Maru. She is super cute but not friendly. She was rubbing on Momma so I guess they are friends. I have just fed them when Chris looks out our bedroom window and sees another cat family behind our building. I haven't seen them since and hope they were just passing through.
Yesterday, a week since we got back home, Momma brought the kittens back. I went out and fed them. All 3 even went in the cage to eat (no Momma so I didn't trap them yet). While they were eating a big black Tom cat came by. He looked sort of beat up, like he fights, so I chased him off. Momma and family were here first.
Anyway, this is how my back yard turned into a cat sanctuary. I actually want to catch everybody soon because all the in and out is stressing our poor sick Boogie.

Boogie update: She had to stay at the vets the whole time away and that stressed her out. She lost .4lb which is a lot for her these days. We had went back to daily treatments after a vomiting spell and now we have gone back to every other day as long as her weight holds. She is still very happy and not in any pain. I think she is happy because she is getting spoiled. She sleeps in the bed, sits on the couch with no banky, and even though she can only eat her special cat food we follow her around the house with the bowl letting her eat wherever.

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